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Mentor Support System (MSS)

The Mentor Support System (MSS) is a library of training videos and tools to help mentors enhance their mentoring skills. With your subscription this online support provides immediate access to a growing library of resources directly relative to the needs of mentors, providing clear direction for even those tough cases. 


Important Note: This is not to be confused with Mentor Training Level One or Mentor Training Level Two. When churches, leaders or mentors begin our training process, they must start with Level One. Mentor Training Level Two is optional.


New Content

We are frequently updating and adding new content to the Mentor Support System to keep things fresh and new.


To Subscribe

To have access to the Mentor Support System you must become a subscriber and have completed the Mentor Training Level One.

There are two options to choose from: 

1)   Church Level - This is for churches, allowing all the mentors access to the Mentor Support System.

Annual Subscription of $538 CLICK HERE

Monthly Subscription of $49 CLICK HERE


2)   Couple Level - This is for an individual couple, giving access to only one couple.

Annual Subscription of $180 CLICK HERE

Monthly Subscription of $15 CLICK HERE



To Access Your Account

There are two ways you can access your account. You can sign in below or log into the COUPLES SURVEY CENTER as a MENTOR or LEADER. Once you have purchased the training, the courses you purchase will be available in your dashboard. 


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