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Watch the Administration/Leadership training here. Follow each step carefully.    


Set up your SURVEY ACCOUNT as a leader so you can utilize the online Survey For Couples here. Watch all tutorial videos and follow the instructions.

Even though you are not (A CHURCH) you will need to setup a (LEADERS ACCOUNT) then a (MENTORS ACCOUNT) so mentees can be linked to your account. 

You will need to pre-purchase surveys in the LEADERS ACCOUNT. Mentees can reimburse you. 

* Prior to the scheduled mentor training, order one (1) Marriage Mentoring Guide for each couple attending the training. Click here to order.

Login and access the online training video here. (Use the same Username/Password that was used when ordering the kit)


After the mentor training, mentors will need to set up their Mentor Accounts by clicking on COUPLE'S SURVEY | MENTOR SETUP-LOGIN and follow the instructions.

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