General Overview


Equipping a team of marriage mentors
has never been easier!

Pastors, are you bombarded with struggling marriages fighting for your time as they fight for their marriage? You're trying to juggle all your responsibilities, yet finding no balance. You've even sacrificed your own family time trying to keep it all together.

NOW is the time for CHANGE!

Fortunately for you, we provide a crisis marriage mentor training that is intended to lighten your load. This training will equip a team of mentors to help you with the demands of hurting marriages and premarital preparation. 

Mentor Training Level 1, 2 and 3

LEVEL 1 - Couples will learn how to mentor using our baseball diamond method of mediating to help couples resolve issues. This biblical, step-by-step process is simple, proven and effective.    


LEVEL 2 - Mentors who've completed Level 1 are now ready for Level 2. This 4-hour course will walk mentors through six common issues that they frequently encounter while mentoring.


LEVEL 3 - Allows mentors to become certified and offers a highly structured development plan designed to equip mentors whose expertise is channeled to support marriages in crisis.


Matt Loehr
Founder of Dare to be Different
Emerson Eggerichs PhD
Founder of Love & Respect

How We're Different


Mentoring for Couples in Crisis, Premarital Preparation and Marriage Enrichment

Biblical Mentoring





It's not another teaching curriculum

It's not a replacement for clinical or pastoral counseling

It's not limited to just pre-marital preparation

It's not complicated, overwhelming or time consuming

"We've seen so much healing and restoration with this mentoring program. With over 100 trained mentors in our church and countless marriages transformed, I cant imagine using anything else!"

Rob Ketterling, Author and Pastor, River Valley Church

Who Can Start a Marriage
Mentoring Program

  • YOU CAN! If you're passionate to make a difference for marriages, this is for you.
  • Our training modules will equip you to have a successful marriage program that is guaranteed to minimize the divorce rate in your church.
  • If you're a pastor, we can help ease your congegational care load by equipping your leadership or a lay couple to oversee the program.

What You Need to Start a
Marriage Mentoring Program

  • Schedule a Live, Livestream or Online mentor training.
  • Invite healthy married couples from your church to attend the training to equip and empower them to be successful mentors.
  • Recruit couples to get mentored using our strategic method that's been proven effective.

Benefits To Your Church


Lowers the divorce rate

Alleviates the pressure on pastors

Ensures the future health of your church

Increases volunteer base

Increases giving

It's in alignment with the Great Commission

Helps make good marriages great

Helps with evangelism

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