for Pastors/Leaders


Talk 6 - Mediate (A deeper Look)
Talk 7 - Teach (A deeper Look)
Talk 8 - Confront (A deeper look)
Talk 9 - Lead People To Jesus
Talk 10 - 10 Week Mentoring Process
Talk 11 - How We Train Churches
Talk 12 - Empower A Lead Couple
Talk 13 - Getting Your Lead Pastor On Board
Talk 14 - Help A Couple Recover From Affair
Talk 15 - tbd
Talk 16 - tbd
Talk 17 - tbd
Talk 18 - tbd

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About Dare to Be Different Ministries

About Dare to Be Different Ministries

Matt and Pam Loehr:  Founders of Dare to be Different

We have trained over 6000 mentors in 7 countries how to mentor couples in need of help and recently partnered with Love and Respect.


 You can't "fix problems" if you don't "face them". 

Our mentors will help you grow relationally and spiritually!


Take advantage of our resources below and strengthen your marriage!




Resources for Pastors/Leaders
Helping Marriages In Your Church

Online Video Marriage Mentor Training

Purchase Marriage Mentor Training

You can train your church with a video startup kit or bring in a live trainer. Many churches select a live trainer to offer the highest level of training for the mentors. We Train church leaders how to recruit broken couples to step forward and "get help" before they "get out".

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Free 14-Day Crash Course
Marriage Mentor Training

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The free crash course will answer most of your questions and give you a deeper look at why our mentoring technique is the most effective mentoring process available. You will receive a segment each day for 14 days for free. Automatic emails start arriving on Wednesdays. 

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