Resources For Mentees



Baseball Diamond Mediation Visual: The baseball diamond mediation method used throughout the mentoring process has proven to be very effective in mediating. Print this tool and give it to the mentees. Explain the baseball diamond and the process of 'rounding the bases'. Place the baseball diamond visual in front of the couple during each session to remind them what base they are on during the mentoring process.


Choosing a Life Partner: Offer this resource to couples who are dating or are wanting to enter into a dating relationship. It will help them in the early stages of a relationship to determine if the person they are dating has the potential to be a partner for life.


Cohabiting Statistics: Use this to help couples identify the statistical consequences of cohabiting prior to marriage.


Discovery Cards: Encourage mentees to purchase Discovery Cards as homework to help them connect and communicate on a date night by asking great questions. These cards will help couples navigate from the mundane conversations of work and bills to conversations that will help them learn more about themselves and each other. You can also download our Discovery Cards APP for more questions.


Fight Plan: The Fight Plan allows couples to set ground rules for healthy fighting. When couples decide to engage with each other to resolve conflict, they can apply the Fight Plan to keep the lines of communication open with love and respect.


How to Win Back your Spouse: This one-year plan to 'win back your spouse' is often used as a last ditch effort to save a marriage despite the fact that their spouse has left physically or emotionally. Follow these steps with passion and you may find true healing. To hear a compelling story of one man who won back his spouse after she had an affair and left him Click Here!


Monthly Budget: Use the Monthly Budget to help couples create a financial budget.


Negotiation Tool: This tool will help couples learn how to negotiate. It is imperative for each person to take steps towards the other in most situations. Compromise in marriage is not only an act of humility, but is also rewarding as both will feel respected and loved.


Personality Profile Score Sheet: Taking a Personality Profile will help couples identify their personality strengths and weaknesses and discover how they differ.


Pre-Marital Couples - Plan ABC: This tool is for premarital couples. It will help couples develop a plan to enter into marriage in a way that decreases the odds of divorce. When using the Plan ABC tool you can also download our scripture reference guide that is integrated with the tool. Plan ABC Scripture Guide.


Porn (Going on an Integrity Quest): This message helps men create a powerful plan to escape a life of bondage. It covers pornography and other addictions men battle.


Scripture by Category: The scriptures are categorized topically for easy access. (revised 2013)


Session Log: Session Logs are used to track weekly mentoring sessions. This log sheet will help you track commitments, homework and scriptures each week.


Who's Got Your Back Products: This product line can help you navigate couples into an accountability relationship with other healthy people. Following this process is the best way to transition couples from being mentored into a new life of accountability. Offer this book to couples as a homework assignment to help them learn the power of accountability.


Questions for Kids: These questions will help parents navigate into the hearts of their children. How can you help your child if you don't know what is going on inside their hearts? These questions will help you discover their thoughts and feelings in many areas of their life. Remember, love = questions. When you take the time to ask your children questions (in a non-threatening way), they feel valued and loved.