Who's Got Your Back

Who's Got Your Back?

Matt wrote a book on the power of developing deeper relationsihps within the church. 

This product can be used as a small group study guide, a weekend seminar or a sermon. 

"Every man needs a wing-man. Every woman needs a wing-woman."


Matt uncovers the following topics in his book.

* Why get into a deep relationship with someone in your church? 

* Finding the right person to meet with. 

* What to do when you begin. 

* How to structure your meetings. 

* How to terminate and start over. 

* Life without a wing-man/woman is dangerous. 

* Man's top struggles:  unloving | anger | pride  | lust.

* Woman's top struggles: disrespectful | insecure  |  judgemental  |  gossipy.

* Find freedom and reach your spiritual potential. 


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