Round The Bases Real Results (Online/DVD) Kit)

Round The Bases Real Results  (Online/DVD) Kit)
Round The Bases Real Results  (Online/DVD) Kit)
Round The Bases Real Results (Online/DVD) Kit)
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The Round the Bases - Real Results DVD Kit is designed to lead the 9-week marriage class. The weekly video is approximately 15 minutes of teaching. This should be followed by 45 minutes of couples rounding the bases on issues relative to their relationship.

When purchasing the Online Video Kit, you will have access to the video content indefinitely. You can connect your pc to a projector and show your class the online video. Couples can gain access from home if they miss a session by gaining access to the online course using your password. 

The video is designed to provide a message on marriage along with instructions on how to round the bases on a specific category for that week.

Included:  Two (2) Study Guides

                  One (1) DVD

                  Access to the ONLINE VIDEO, if preferred over the dvd

* Order additional study guides - one per person attending the class.





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Weight: 1 lbs.

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