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The Administration Process is intended for the church administrator to maintain an organized approach at leading the mentoring ministry. Please review each item carefully. 


Mentoring Process CLICK HERE

This is an overview of the communication process necessary to keep all the proper pieces moving in the right direction. Often, churches can be incumbered by distractions and things can fall through the cracks without a clear process. Our flow chart helps you identify roles and steps to keep the mentoring ministry organized. 


Mentor Contact Info/MentorTracking Info CLICK HERE 

This is an excel document allowing you to keep track of who your mentors are and how to track who is mentoring at any given time. 


Four Steps to Follow After a Training CLICK HERE

This will guide you on how to keep your team active. Our greatest concern after a training is a lack of strategic planning on how to recruit marriages who are in need of help. Please follow these four steps. 


Lead Couple Role CLICK HERE

Having a lead couple shepherd the mentors is a crucial role in creating a thriving team. Please insure your lead couple follows the steps in this guide. 


Facilitator Guide (for training more mentors using the online video) CLICK HERE

This document is used for future trainings. It will give you details as to setting up a training room and what to expect. Please insure your lead couple follows these steps when providing future trainings. 


Mentor Self-Assessment CLICK HERE

This document is designed for a follow up training session provided by your lead couple. They can print this out and review it with the mentors. It gives mentors the abilty to review their progress and identify areas of growth potential when mentoring. 


Sign-Up Cards (For Getting Mentored) CLICK HERE

These are the cards your church prints out twice a year to hand out to the congregation. They play a crucial role in getting couples to sign up for mentoring before it's too late. Couples are asked to sign them during a sermon. Please prompt everyone to turn in the cards as they leave the sanctuary even the cards they did not sign. By following this process, people feel like it's safe to sign up for help and there is no embarassment because everyone will be turning the cards in on the way out. 


Mini-Survey For Practicing During Training CLICK HERE 

This is a miniature survey taken from our 177 question online survey. It is used for 'practicing' when you gather mentors after a training. They can answer these questions manually and then practice getting another mentor couple around the bases with the issues that came out of their survey. Ask them to circle every statement where their answer doesn't line up with the desired response. Pair mentor couples up with other couples. Have them practice on each other to get around the bases and SCOR. 


Three Year Marraige Ministry Building Template CLICK HERE 

This document will help you build a strategy by planning and budgeting for future marrige classes, seminars, date nights, sermons and other events. Each event will help you promote the power of marriage mentoring. Please print out the Sign Up cards for couples needing mentored at and utilize them at each event to keep your mentors busy. 

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