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MATT TALK: Building Better Marriages       
                                                                                                               One small talk at a time


Equip the Healthy


Encourage the Hurting


It's loving. It's biblical. It's effective


 for Pastors/Leaders

Talk 1 - Mediate Then Teach
Talk 2 - Confronting Core Issues
Talk 3 - Love and Respect
Talk 4 - Recruit Crisis Couples
Talk 5 - Marriage Health Assessment
More  Topics For Pastors/Leaders

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for Couples In Need

Talk 1 - Adultery | Divorce or Forgive?
Talk 2 - Get Help Before You Get Out
Talk 3 - When He/She Won't Change 
Talk 4 - Letting God Lead
Talk 5 - The Issue Behind The Issue 

More  Topics For Couples

Matt's Sermons




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