14 Day Crash Course For Pastors & Mentors

An overview of the training process

Benefits Of Our Marriage Mentoring

Stronger Marriages: Stronger couples, become stronger parents and families, which eventually strengthens the overall church community.

Lighten the Load: We provide a crisis marriage mentor training that is intended to lighten your load. This training will equip your mentors to help with the demands of hurting marriages, giving you the confidence you need to trust lay couples to mentor couples in crisis.

Biblical: Our biblical step-by-step process will bring spiritual depth and meaning into each mentoring session as couples meet with mentors who share a vibrant faith together and utilize our scripture reference tools.

Outreach: Our marriage mentoring is a terrific outreach and a way for mentors to be effective with their faith and draw people unto the church with our loving, nonjudgmental approach.

Evangelism: Marriage mentoring is a great portal for evangelism. Linking mentors with people that are unchurched, with no personal or experiential background for church life is an awesome opportunity to help them discover the Gospel.

Discipleship: Our marriage mentoring process is an effective discipleship tool that is used to invest in couples, to encourage and inspire them, and to offer hope and healing through the power of the Holy Spirit.

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What Pastors Are Saying About Our Training

We purchased the DVD training kit from Dare to be Different at the Moody Pastors Conference. We followed all the basic principles in this training and made some minor modifications to fit our church. The outcome has been great. We are receiving many outstanding reports from the couples getting mentored.

We liked how DARE gave specific methods of discipleship and arbitration that lay people can understand and follow. DARE has helped all our people get into other people's lives and know precisely how to love them, help them, counsel them, confront them and lead them to a deeper walk.

Lay people need structure, DARE does an awesome job providing that. We couldn't be happier with how DARE has equipped our small group leaders and lay people. We want to encourage all churches to use the DARE system.

Dan Anderson

Pastor of Adult Ministries

We cannot say enough about the D.A.R.E. Marriage Mentoring ministry. Matt introduced it by Matt Loehr to use in July of 2010 and we have invited 26 couples in our church that had a passion for marriage ministry. After the training, 100% participation followed. We were receiving requests weekly from hurting couples who want to be mentored. Most importantly, we are seeing God heal and restore marriages! We like to say that this ministry is a God-breathed idea.

We are seeing couples that were separated, come back together and have their marriage healed. The other aspect to note is the mentor couples love being able to do this together because their own marriages are growing stronger as a result.

Pam Johnson

Care Ministries Pastor

My wife and I have benefitted from the DARE materials personally and now we see it being used in the lives of other couples as we mentor them. This material has given us structure to help couples begin to talk through issues that have been barriers in their marriage for years. We are grateful for this ministry and how God is using it to bring healing in marriages.

Randy Hepner

Campus Crusade for Christ


40,000 mentors trained

15 countries

Trained 700+ churches

Our training has equipped biblically minded couples all over the world to make a difference in marriages and families. We have received testimonies from pastors from all over the globe. God gets all the glory!


Our FREE Crash Course will give you the maximum amount of exposure to our marriage mentor training without costing you valuable time and money as you build confidence in our Biblical Marriage Mentor Program.

Day 1

Mediate and Teach


Day 2



Day 3

Love & Respect


Day 4

Recruiting Couples


Day 5

Online Survey


Day 6

In-Depth Look at Meditation


Day 7

In-Depth Look at Teaching


Day 8

In-Depth Look at Confronting


Day 9

Lead People to Jesus


Day 10

Mentoring Duration


Day 11

Training Church Leaders


Day 12

Training a Lead Couple


Day 13

Cast Vision


Day 14

Wrap Up


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