Mentor Training Level 3
Earn the Credential of a Certified Mentor!

Mentor Training Level 3 is a certification course that offers a highly structured development plan designed to equip mentors whose expertise is channeled to support marriages in crisis. The training program ensures mentors have completed the necessary training to become certified through Dare to be Different and Love & Respect ministries.

MATT LOEHR, President of Dare to be Different


Keep up with the latest issues encountered during mentoring with our ready-to-use resources. You and your mentors can tap into the knowledge from the multiple video training courses offered. 

The impact of skilled mentoring to you and your church will have long-term benefits with lasting results. 

Who Can Get Certified

Couples who've completed Mentor Training Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3

Counselors, Life Coaches, Pastors and Marriage Mentors

What's Included

A library of videos and biblical training to acquire a sound foundation for learning and achievement

Couples will be awarded the Certified Mentor designation upon completion of the requirements

Choose Your Plan

Church Level: For churches to give access to all their mentors

Couple Level: For indivduals, giving access to one couple

Topics We Cover

  • Mentor Training Level 1
  • Mentor Training Level 2
  • Love & Respect Overview
  • Communication
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Family and In-Laws 
  • Sex and Romance
  • Faith and Values
  • Parenting
  • Friends and Hobbies
  • Money Management
  • Loyalty in Marriage
  • Lifestyle and Boundaries
  • Pre-marital Preparation
  • Re-married Couples

Catch A Glimpse From The Course On Communication


Matt offers real solutions for effective communication and problem-solving. 


It's imperative to strategically let God direct your method of communication. What to say, when to say it and how to say it. When you are loving & respectful, the other person typically responds well. 



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