Mentor Training Level 1

Mentor Training Level One

Learning skills to become proficient mentors!

What Is It and Who Is It For?

Our marriage mentor training is intended for couples with a strong God-honoring marriage who want to help other couples strengthen their marriage.

Mentors are trained in a step-by-step process that is proven to help couples in all stages of their marriage relationship.

Marriage mentoring is for premarital preparation, for couples in crisis, and for couples wanting to enrich their marriage.

Mentor Training Level One is required prior to accessing Mentor Training Level Two.

We offer the mentor training Live, Livestream and Online Videos. All administrators and mentors will be given the necessary tools to implement the program with quality and excellence.

Three Steps to Biblical Marriage Mentoring


Learn how to mediate using our online marriage assessment and our baseball diamond method of helping couples resolve issues. 



Use our robust scripture reference tool. It's alphebetical, topical and easy to use when teaching God's word to a couple who needs guidance.  


Contfront core issues of the 'heart' while mentoring. Our loving approach often yields true repentance, forgiveness and healing from the Lord. 

What Will We Be Covering?


  • Traits of a good mentor
  • What are your fears?
  • Where is your confidence?
  • How to correctly use the bible

The D.A.R.E. Process

  • Discover the issues 
  • Ask great questions
  • Require action
  • Evaluate the progress

Round the Bases

  • 1st Base - Select issue
  • 2nd Base - Confirm issue
  • 3rd Base - Offer solutions 
  • Home Base - Resolve 

"We've always wanted to serve in our church, but just didn't know where to start. This allows us to not only serve our church, but also serve others... and not only that, but we were able to quickly acquire skills to enrich our own marriage. It's a win-win!"

Jacob and Sharon Winthrop, mentors

Following a Mentor Training

Church Leaders will set up an account

Mentors will set up an account

Mentors will receive a FREE survey to take

Leaders will recruit couples to get mentored

Mentors can practice by mentoring other mentors

Mentors gather together to learn from each other

Mentors can start mentoring immediately

Leaders will have access to all the online resources

Marriage Mentor Training Level One