Mentor Training Level 2


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What This Course Is About

In this 4-hour course, we'll walk you through six common issues that mentors frequently encounter.

  Forgiveness: Discover how to help someone find forgiveness.

  Communication: Learn ways to help couples communicate in a healthy, God-honoring way.

  Premarital Plan ABC: How to address pre-marital couples having sex, co-habiting and/or    unequally yoked.  

  Integrity Quest/Porn: What is the best way to help someone addicted to pornography.

  How To Recover From An Affair: Discover ways to help heal a marriage relationship after an affair.

  Seven Core Heart Issues/Breaking Strongholds: How to help someone who's battling a spiritual stronghold.



This course taught us how to address some of the most complicated and delicate issues that we were seeing over and over. Now we're feeling more confident than ever to deal with these issues.


- Mentors, Tim and Kristine

What's Included In This Training?

(all your existing and future mentors gain access)

Online Video Course
Worksheets to Download
One Free Follow-Up Consultation