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Matt Loehr, Founder and President of Dare to be Different has led the organization on a national level training healthy married couples to mentor other couples in need of premarital preparation and couples at risk of divorce.

Married to his wife Pam, they both left their corporate careers to pursue their passion and calling into the Marriage Ministry.

As an ordained minister, author, teacher and mentor, Matt's experience gives him a unique blend of insight and wisdom that touch people of all ages.

Matt's passion to protect, build and strengthen marriages makes him a powerful advocate for healthy marriages in this country.





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Invite Couples to a Mentor Training (Option 1) 

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Invite Couples to a Mentor Training (Option 2)

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Sign-Up Cards for couples to "Get Mentored" and to "Be Mentors"

Use this video to allow couples to sign up to be a mentor or to get mentored.

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Invite Couples to "Get Mentored" 

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9-Week Class Promo (Option 1)

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Agenda for 9-Week Class  

"Round the Bases to a Better Marriage" PROMO (Option 2)

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"Round the Bases to a Better Marriage" PROMO (Option 3)

This is a longer video (2:42) and includes Dr. Emerson Eggerichs. It can be played during service or posted on your social media.

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FLIER - "Round the Bases to a Better Marriage" Weekend Seminar (video series)

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AGENDA - "Round the Bases to a Better Marriage" Weekend Seminar (video series)


"NEVER STOP LAUGHING" Date Night for Couples

Never Stop Laughing

A Fun Night for All Couples

This dynamic duo is a must-see! One offers a comedy act, while the other offers a compelling, yet humorous marriage message that most couples can relate with.

A fun date night where couples can laugh while being impacted by a compelling message titled "One Step From Stupid". Couples will find real solutions to the pitfalls in marriage.

Daren Streblow is a world-renowned Christian comedian who has an amazing skill to connect with audiences.

Matt Loehr is a gifted speaker, author, and Founder of Dare to be Different. You will find his message powerful, his story moving and his humor refreshing.

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SERMON PROMO: How to Fix Your Spouse 

This has become the #1 featured sermon requested by churches. You'll find Matt's message powerful and his story moving as he dives deep into God's Word.

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"WHO'S GOT YOUR BACK" Men's Conference

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