Matt's Messages

LISTEN TO THE FOLLOWING MESSAGES FROM MATT (all messages are 30-40 minutes long)

Matt's inspirational messages will have you laughing and crying, yet at the same time offering biblical truths that will move people to value marriage as God does.

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How to Fix Your Spouse


2 Chronicles 7:14 tells us HOW TO FIX YOUR SPOUSE. If we do three things, God will bring healing into our land, our home and our marriage.

1) Humble yourself
2) Seek God's face
3) Turn from your ways



MORE THAN A MARRIAGE is based on Deuteronomy 11. 

1) Passionately love God
2) Passionately observe His commands
3) Passionately tell your kids



A Real Love PlanWhat was it like to fall in love?

Our perception of love has been shaped by media, romance novels, TV programs and movies. What is real love? Matt's powerful message challenges us to have A REAL LOVE PLAN, the way God intended.


The Power of 1THE POWER OF ONE illustrates how we can reach our spiritual potential when we become one with our church, one with a Godly friend and one with our spouse.

Click Here to watch this hilarious video showing how your marriage (if unified) can be a beautiful display of music... OR NOT!


One Step from Stupid!


This message will help you develop a plan on how to avoid the pitfalls in marriage.



Every Family Need a Hero

EVERY FAMILY NEEDS A HERO is a message that will challenge and inspire you.

      Hero's are Humble
      Hero's are Patient
      Hero's are Strong


Integrity Quest

INTEGRITY QUEST will help you find freedom from the bondage of porn, drugs, alcohol, gambling, etc. Matt will share how two steps can help you accomplish what may seem like the impossible. 



LOVE AND RESPECT originated from God's word in Ephesians 5:33. Matt's partner Dr. Emerson Eggerichs built a worldwide ministry on that passage and called it Love and Respect. This message is Love and Respect from Matt's view.