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What Is Mentor Support 

With your subscription you'll get DIRECT access to Matt Loehr to coach you through any mentoring issues. Not only that, but you'll get educational and informational content to include videos, articles, scriptures and resources on a wide variety of current issues to enable you to become the best mentors possible.                                                  

Other Perks Included

  • A new subscribers package to include: #1 Grown Apart Book, #1 Who's Got Your Back Book, #1 deck of Discovery Cards and #10 'Round The Bases' Magnets.
  • Access to one (1) Live Webinar per year with Matt as your host.



Additional Tools and Ongoing Support

With the Mentor Support System you can select videos relative to your mentoring sessions, building your skills along the way. Here are just a few of the many topics from our library of videos and resources.


Ongoing Phone

Mentors can contact us at anytime and get technical support, mentoring support and ongoing advice from our experts. Matt will schedule video chats and share computer screen to give direction to anyone needing help.

and Personality

Differences in personalities can bring conflict, frustration and challenges. It's important for couples to appreciate and understand how God designed their partner and embrace their personality instead of turning them into rights and wrongs.


Couples often struggle with general lifestyle issues, such as household duties, jobs, time apart, date nights and various topics. We will teach you how to biblically respond to their challenges.

Personality Differences

Most couples marry someone with an opposite personality. That often produces conflict. We will help you mentor couples with  clashing preferences. It's crucial for couples to learn how to negotiate and compromise.


Bringing children into a marriage radically changes the dynamics of the relationship. Therefore it's important that couples share their fears, hopes and parenting expectations so their relationship can be enriched rather than challenged.

Forgiveness &

Forgiveness and repentance is essential for a healthy marriage. Without these two key components the relationship is at serious risk for divorce.

Let God Lead
Your Marriage

Couples often hide their lack of faith and belief in God. We train mentors how to identify where people truly are at regarding their Christianity. Mentors will learn how to help anyone to grow deeper in their biblical knowledge and faith in God.


Conflict over money ranks high on the list of reasons couples divorce. Understanding the spending and saving styles of each partner is vital for a marriage to work. Learn ways of letting money get in the way of a marriage.

What Our Mentors Are Saying

Thousands Of Mentors Are Glad They Chose Our Mentor Support System.

"Our mentoring skills recently underwent a huge transformation —we're so grateful that the Mentor Support System was available to keep us up to speed."

-Ronald and Bella Costello


"The Mentor Support System has helped us move into new mentoring territories and we are expanding our mentoring skills faster than we could've dreamed."

-Kathy and Louis Vega


"The Mentor Support System massively improved the efficiency of our mentoring skills, and is helping us continue to excel."

-Debbi and Randy Martin


"Other resources we found were ok, but the Mentor Support System truly offered what we needed instantly."

-Doug and Sheila Walton