Mentor Training Level 2 and 3

Mentor Training  Level 2 and 3
Mentor Training Level 2 and 3
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ATTENTION: You must first complete Level 1 before purchasing Level 2 and 3.
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  •  This purchase is for ONE mentor couple only. 
  •  By completing Level 3, you will become Certified. 
  •  Contact us to get special GROUP PRICING for a team of mentors or to train your team live or livestream. 

Mentor Training Level 2: 'Tough Cases' 

Author: Matt Loehr
Plan for 4 hours of video teaching 

Topics covered

  • When couples stop communicating
  • Pornography 
  • Recovering from an affair
  • An unforgiving heart
  • Premarital couples cohabiting

* Includes downloadable handouts


Mentor Training Level 3: Three Tough Cases

Author: Matt Loehr  
Plan for 3 hours of video teaching

Topics covered

  • Fact Based Mentoring (how to get the facts out on the table)
  • 5-Steps To Finding Freedom (understanding and dealing with spiritual bondage)
  • Getting a Couple UNSTUCK When Fighting

* Includes downloadable handouts

* Certification is offered upon completion of Level 3