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Embracing Longevity in Marriage

Thursday, April 22, 2021 • Matt Loehr • Marriage
Embracing Longevity in Marriage

We live in a time period when marriages no longer seem as important as they used to. My question is:
Why is this happening? 
The simple answer is because our society no longer deems 'longevity' as a quality trait. Do you see as many people committed to their employers for twenty years or more? What about friendships, relationships and churches? Certainly not marriage. I will never forget when a Fed-Ex delivery person dropped off some packages in my office. "What do you guys do here?" he asked. I replied, "We help marriages stay together." He then gave me an exhortation, "Why? That seems silly. I say if you're not happy, move on and marry someone else. Better yet never get married at all." He then walked out the door. 

Really? Is there no longer a majority of people who value marriage, family and longevity? I'm not sure about the answer but I do know the younger generations have been shown a darker side than those of us who are older than fifty. Back in my day divorce was far less common. Families survived difficulty, poverty, sickness and all kinds of other calamities. 
C.S. Lewis said "Often, the best half of a marriage is the second half. If only you could get there." He went on to talk about finding a deeper and quieter love that far surpasses all other feelings of love. It's a love forged from enduring storms and hardships with the one you married and looking back to see the hard work and the continued forgiveness that molded your hearts together. 
It's only then a sense of accomplishment and strength appears. It's only found with longevity. I wish there was a way to inform the younger generations of this truth. Unfortunately, they have been shown another way, mostly from their parents. 

We can correct this. First, start by telling them. Then we must show them with our own lives. 
Join our movement. Discover a different kind of love after twenty years of marriage. 

Be blessed.

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