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The Upside of Bottom-Up Leadership

Monday, February 21, 2022 • Matt Loehr • Leadership
Value everyone on your team and you will see greater commitment and passion.
The Upside of Bottom-Up Leadership

Many major corporations practice the top-down leadership style. This style promotes the idea that a single or small percentage in the top rung of a corporation is in charge, making all or at least most of the decisions and choices for their company. They make the company all about their vision and goals and the best outcome for them monetarily.


While there is not necessarily anything wrong with this style, a company that operates from the bottom up to value the view, voice, and vision of those on the lowest rung of the ladder can become an even better company. Why? Let me lay it out for you:


People on the Top                                                    

  • The view is limited to your own and a few select like-minded people.                                                   
  • Tendency to surround yourself with ‘yes men’ who don’t challenge you.                                      
  • Appear to be unreachable or untouchable.  


People on the Ground

  • Their view has a broader spectrum.
  • They are able to see the situation from a different vantage point and offer practical insight.
  • Understand/experience the translation from vision to practical life application. 


The most long-term successful companies for both leadership and employee alike embrace the Bottom-Up Top-Down leadership style by evaluating and investigating from the bottom up on a regular basis. They learn humility as they understand that without the bottom rung there would be no top rung.


This principle and elements of truth run parallel to your leadership at home. As co-partners together, you each have a role to play. Humbling yourselves by listening to each other, valuing each other’s viewpoints and ideas, encouraging participation, negotiation, and compromise will take your marriage to the next level.


Whatever form of leadership you are in (whether at home or work), when those whom you are leading know that you value their voice and viewpoint and that you view them as an important part of your team, they will have a greater commitment and passion. They will get ‘all in’ with you to accomplish your mission.


For a more in-depth look at the Bottom-Up Top-Down Leadership method, listen to my podcast, Episode 9: Bottom-Up Top-Down Leadership or contact DTBD for a consultation.

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