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Here you will be able to create your account and login as a LEADER, a MENTOR or a MENTEE

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The Leader/Administrator of the marriage mentors must create an account first in order for the mentors and mentees to utilize the survey system.

CLICK HERE for LEADERS to create or login to your LEADERS ACCOUNT. 

* Leaders will be requred to login and PRE-PURCHASE SURVEYS for their team. Every time a mentee accesses a survey, your inventory of surveys will decrease by one. 


After the Leaders Account has been created, the Mentors can then create their Mentor Account as a couple. 

CLICK HERE for MENTORS to create or login to your MENTORS ACCOUNT

After you have created your Mentor Account, mentees can then create their Mentee Account below to access a survey.


Couples getting mentored are to CLICK HERE to create or login to your MENTEES ACCOUNT.

After you have setup your Mentee Account as a couple, you will need to log out and log back in individually to take the survey.


As you navigate our online survey, it is important to identify



You must sign out and log back in if you want to navigate between 

the LEADER  account and the MENTOR account.  



CLICK HERE to see a full sample 



Our online survey helps couples

discover areas of weaknesses

and strengths in their relationship.


The mentors will use the survey results to

navigate through the ten-week

mentoring process.


Our survey uses a scientific

approach that is easy

for mentors to use.


* The survey utilizes a measure of

 redundancy for accuracy.

* The survey statements are randomly

 placed, then re-categorized  

 when processed.

* The survey is direct acting and

reverse acting.


Our survey is designed for pre-marital

preparation, marriage enrichment

and couples in crisis.


* Mentors get a FREE survey

upon completion of setting

up their Mentor Account.